GHG College of Education


Programme Learning Outcomes B.Ed.

After completion of Teacher Education programme the pupil teachers will be able to:

  • Develop ten key competencies as identified by National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE).
  • Attain harmonious development of their personality.
  • Analyse curriculum and select appropriate teaching strategies according to their needs.
  • Compete at the global level through the use of interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • Engage themselves in the process of self directed learning through the use of innovative practices.
  • Apply teaching skills and methodology to deal with classroom problems.
  • Empower themselves with the subject content and pedagogy.
  • Expand their horizon of knowledge by integrating technology in the process of planning and transaction of curriculum.
  • Comprehend the characteristics, needs and strategies of dealing with diverse learners in an inclusive environment.
  • Develop various life skills needed for successful survival in society.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

There will be an Entrance test. Admission to B.Ed. shall be made on merit on the basis of marks obtained in the Entrance test and qualifying examination i.e. graduation, as per the online admission schedule given by Panjab University, Chandigarh through.

Eligibility : A person who possesses the following qualifications shall be eligible to join the course.

  1. Candidates with atleast 50% Marks either in Bachelor's degree and/or in the Master's degree in Science/Social sciences/ Humanities/ Commerce/Home science/B.B.A/B.C.A, or Bachelors in Engineering or Technology with specialization in science and mathematics with 55% marks OR any other qualification equivalent thereto, are eligible for admission to the programme. The reservation and relaxation for SC/ST/OBC/PWD and other categories shall be as per rules of the central/state government whichever is applicable.
  2. Duration of B.Ed. programme shall be of two academic years, spread over four semesters, which can be completed in a maximum of three years from the date of admission to the programme.
  3. There shall be atleast 200 working days each year exclusive of the period of admission and examination.
  4. The institution shall work for a minimum of thirty six hours in a week (six days), during which physical presence of all the teachers and student teachers is necessary to ensure their availability for advice, guidance, dialogue and consultation as and when needed.
  5. Minimum attendance of student teachers shall be 80% for all course work and practicum, and 90% for school internship.
  6. Minimum pass marks are 40% in each paper , Practical, and School Internship in each semester, however, the promotion from semester I to II and from III to IV shall be as per Panjab University policy for semester courses. Pass marks will be 40% in Aggregate.
  7. Admission to B.Ed course is subject based. At the time of admission, each candidate shall opt for two teaching/pedagogical subjects, which has been studied at graduation/postgraduation level. The candidate must have studied the Major subject of the pedagogy combination for atleast 3 years at graduation level or two years at Master's level.The minor subject should have been studied for at least for one year/one semester.
  8. The candidates having honours course shall opt for major subject in which they have obtained honours. The minor subject should have been studied atleast for one year/one semester.
  9. The candidates who have passed additional subjects at graduation level can opt for only those teaching subject, marks of which are taken into account for the purpose of calculating percentage of marks at graduation level.
  10. B.Com./B.B.A./M.Com. graduates /postgraduates may opt for two teaching subjects- one is pedagogy of commerce and the other shall be pedagogy of economics/mathematics/any-one language i.e. pedagogy of English/Hindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit.( B.Com/B.B.A. graduates shall be considered in commerce stream only, even they have passed additional arts subjects unless they have passed Masters in Arts).
  11. B.C.A. graduates may opt for pedagogy of Computer science as one subject. The other subject shall be pedagogy of mathematics or any one language (English/Punjabi/Hindi/Sanskrit).
  12. B.E./B.Tech. graduates shall opt for any two subject combination out of pedagogy of Mathematics, Computer Science, Science , Languages.
  13. B.Sc. (Home Science) graduates shall opt for two pedagogy subjects. One is Pedagogy of Home Science, other may be subject studied at graduate level i.e. Science or any one language ( English/Hindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit).
  14. B.Sc (Medical) graduates shall opt for two teaching subjects out of the following:
    1. Pedagogy of Science/ Life Science;
    2. Pedagogy of Physical Science;
    3. Pedagogy of any one language i.e. English/Hindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit.
  15. B.Sc (Non-Medical) graduates shall opt for two teaching subjects out of the following:
    1. Pedagogy of Science/Physical Science;
    2. Pedagogy of Mathematics/Computer Science;
    3. Pedagogy of any one language i.e. English/Hindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit.
  16. Arts Graduates may opt for any two pedagogical subjects one each from the following (a) and (b):
    1. Pedagogy of Social Studies/Economics/History/Geography/Political Science/Sociology/Public administration/Fine Arts/Physical Education/ Music/Home Science.
    2. Pedagogy of any one language i.e. English, Punjabi, Hindi, Sanskrit provided that the candidate has studied the subject at the graduation/post-graduation level.
  17. Graduates with Fine Arts/Music/Computer Science/Home Science/Physical Education/Mathematics/Statistics/Quantitative techniques shall opt for any of these subjects with the other subject combinations available in the college. Teaching of Fine Arts shall be offered to a candidate who had taken up Fine Arts/Performing Arts/Fashion Design/Fashion Technology or B.A. with Diploma in Drawing and Painting or Arts and Craft Teacher's course from a recognized institution.
  18. Pedagogy of Social Studies shall be opted by those who have studied any one of these subjects at B.A./M.A. level i.e. History/Economics/Geography/Political science/sociology/Psychology/Education/Defence Studies/Religious Studies/Public Administration/Philosophy.


  1. The candidates shall be given the required subject combination depending upon their availability in the college.
  2. Candidates who have passed Shastri/Gyani/Parbhakar/Honours in a language/Elective subjects in languages can opt for two language combinations provided they have studied the other language for at least one year/one semester at graduation/post-graduation level.
  3. Pedagogy subjects shall be taught by the concerned teacher educators with specialization in the subject.
  4. Pedagogy of Health and Physical Education shall be taught by Asst. Prof. in Physical Education (M.A. Physical Education/M.P.Ed.)
  5. Pedagogy of Computer Science shall be taught by an Asst. Prof. in Computer Science ( M.C.A./M.Sc.-IT/CS/M.Tech. or similar qualifications with B.Ed. preferably with M.Ed. But ICT components (EPC-I) may be taken up by Computer Instructor (PGDCA/M.Sc IT/CS/B.E./B.Tech.(CS) or higher qualification from a recognized institution.
  6. Pedagogy subjects selected at semester-I will remain the same in all the semesters.
  7. Use of all brands of non-programmable calculators having signs of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and square root etc. only, is allowed in the examination centre but these will not be provided by the University/College. Radio, pagers/mobiles are not allowed in the examination hall.
  8. Pedagogy of Social sciences i.e. Teaching of Economics/History/Sociology/ Political science / Geography / Public administration are equivalent to Pedagogy of Social studies and vice-versa for the purpose of employment as S.St. teachers/TGT/PGT in schools.

Eligibility criteria for admission

Admission to B.Ed. course shall be made strictly according to rules/guidelines framed by Pb. Govt./P.U. Chandigarh.

There are 100 seats in B.Ed. Course and 50 seats in E.T.T.

B.Ed. Graduate / Post Graduate 2 Years P.U. Chandigarh